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Buying Equipment on eBay

Pssst...Hey, wanna buy screen printing and embroidery equipment at rock-bottom prices? We’re talking high-end machinery that retails for thousands of dollars going for a fraction of the price.

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  • Breakthrough Moments

    In 2007 Gerald Cantalupo Jr., owner of New Jersey-based Breakthrough Custom Clothing, had a major breakthrough of his own. 

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  • Rolling the Dice

    Sometimes, an opportunity comes along and you just have to take it. Whether it’s a sure bet or a leap of faith, a new and different path can pay off handsomely. Such was the case for Scott Dortch, president of Royal Pacific of Las Vegas (RPLV). 

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  • Ready to Start an Apparel Line?

    If there is one notion you want to understand completely before you leap off the high diving board, it’s how big and deep the pool below will be. Don’t just launch yourself and hope you’ll make it.

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