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InkSoft Adds New Features to Design Studio

InkSoft, Albuquerque, N.M., has added two enhancements to its Design Studio software that give users the ability to remove all white from an image or to remove a white background from a customer-uploaded image. 

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GSG Video Focuses On Printing With Plastisols

A free online video from GSG, Dallas, explores the basics of using plastisol inks for textile screen printing.  

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GSG Video Explores Screen Exposure

A free online video from GSG, Dallas, reviews the basics of screen exposure.  

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Using Gellusion for Special-Effects Prints

“Gellusion” is a special-effects printing technique that lends itself well to creating a shiny 3-D effect print on a garment.

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New Workhorse Video Demos Features of Sabre Control Panel

A new video from Workhorse Products, Phoenix, showcases some of the touchscreen control panel features of the Sabre automatic screen printing press.

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International Coatings Releases Color Matching How-To Video

International Coatings, Cerritos, Calif., recently introduced a new video on how to perform color matching.

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Workhorse Releases Point 1000 Exposure System Video

A recent video from Workhorse Products, Phoenix, provides a close-up look at the Point 1000, a dual-light-source exposure unit.

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Workhorse Products Offers Quartz Flash Cure Unit Video

Workhorse Products, Phoenix, recently launched a video featuring two types of quartz flash-cure units.

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Workhorse Debuts New Video

Workhorse Products, Phoenix, recently released a new video that offers a complete tour of its Javelin Pro automatic press.

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Loading Shirts Onto an Automatic Press

There are many ways to load shirts onto automatic screen printing presses, and much of how an individual operator does this is based on preference or habit. 

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