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Inksoft User Raises Money for Dallas Officers

After the recent shooting that killed five Dallas police officers and wounded seven others, InkSoft user Sergio Godinez, owner of local shop Versa Printing, set up a website to benefit the their families.

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  • From Cocktail Napkin to T-Shirt

    From Cocktail Napkin to T-Shirt

    If you are a custom screen printer, you likely will receive numerous artwork sources that need to be converted into workable designs.

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  • Quick-Draw Design

    For many screen printers, the thought of drawing a design isn’t appealing. In fact, a lot of experienced artists either don’t draw well or wish their drawing skills were better. 

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  • Fitness Apparel In Focus

    With their unique  properties, decorating fitness garments offers screen printers challenges above and beyond those of a regular T-shirt. To solve these challenges, it’s important to first define a “fitness” garment and its qualities compared to those of a “typical” apparel choice.

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