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January 2015 Impressions

Our newest issue features winners of the 36th annual Impressions Awards, new T-shirt styles, tips for doing business with PPDs and more.

2014 Impressions Sourcebook

Searching for the right supplier for all your decorated apparel needs? Look to the 2014 Impressions Sourcebook.

Fall 2014 Team & Spirit Apparel

In this latest issue, learn about rhinestone decorating, overcoming the challenges of printing on perfornance polyester and more!

Fall 2014 SportsFan Retailer

See the latest accessories that pack a punch, learn why retailers should care about youth inactivity, and more!

Why You Should Attend ISS

If you have not attended one of the regional Imprinted Sportswear Shows events, check out this video to see why you can't miss out on the opportunity.

Digital Decorator Presented by Impressions

This inaugural issue includes information on a variety of digital decorating topics from some of the marketplace's most innovative minds.



How To

  • Printing on Nylon Spandex Performancewear

    As a departure from the typical step-by-step review of decorating one particular garment, let’s review the challenges and processes for printing on two new garments from American Apparel.

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  • Screen Printing on Fleece

    Follow these expert guidelines for producing brilliant fleece prints while avoiding the pitfalls of this lint-producing fabric. 

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  • Printing on Suede Fabric

    In this installment of the Impressions Tech Tips Newsletter, we will review the optimum printing techniques for embellishing the new suede fabric from Next Level Apparel 

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Build Your Business

  • Rolling the Dice

    Sometimes, an opportunity comes along and you just have to take it. Whether it’s a sure bet or a leap of faith, a new and different path can pay off handsomely. Such was the case for Scott Dortch, president of Royal Pacific of Las Vegas (RPLV). 

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  • Ready to Start an Apparel Line?

    If there is one notion you want to understand completely before you leap off the high diving board, it’s how big and deep the pool below will be. Don’t just launch yourself and hope you’ll make it.

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  • Keywords Can Add Value to Your Products

    Today, there are a ton of keywords that you can add to your product offering. It is not hard to find these keywords; just look around where you shop. From the grocery store to street vendors, trending keywords are everywhere. 

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