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April/May 2014 Impressions

In this athleticwear issue, see the newest styles in active apparel and headwear, learn about LED screen exposure and much more.

Tech Tips: Multimedia Decoration on Color-Blocked Hoodies

In this Tech Tips Newsletter, sponsored by JERZEES, see how a garment's colors can be used as a platform for profitable innovative designs.

NEW December 2013 SportsFan Retailer

In this premiere issue, learn about sports licensed product trends, effective merchandising, CLC retail programs and much more!

2013 Impressions Sourcebook

If you're searching for the right supplier for all your decorated apparel needs, look to the 2013 Impressions Sourcebook.

Why You Should Attend ISS

If you have not attended one of the regional Imprinted Sportswear Shows events, check out this video to see why you can't miss out on the opportunity.

Spring 2014 Team & Spirit Apparel

In this newest issue, learn how super moms can help your business, how digital applique can be great for spiritwear and more!

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How To

  • Adding Digital Garment Printing to Your Shop

    If you’ve added a process such as embroidery to your screen printing business, then you’re probably a good candidate for adding direct-to-garment printing. That’s because you’re already looking at yourself as someone who offers decorating services, not someone who only does screen printing. The only question, then, is how to add the process to your shop.

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  • Printing on Cotton/Spandex Blends

    With the expanded gamut of garment configurations entering the market today, screen printers must constantly remain aware of printing techniques and procedures required to print on these specialty fabrics. 

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  • First Aid for Embroidery Mistakes

    Mistakes happen to the best of us — and they happen to some of us more than others. We often get so upset when they occur, however, that we don’t immediately think about the best way to recover from them. But just like in first aid, if you follow basic procedures upon the problem’s discovery, the likelihood for a full recovery is increased.

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Build Your Business

  • The Great Inventory Debate

    I recently was challenged via Twitter by Patti Keegan of Keegan Tees, located in the awesomely named city of Effort, Pa., to discuss the pros and cons of using purchased goods versus customer-supplied goods.

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  • How to Increase Efficiency and Maximize Workflow

    Regardless of your shop’s size, equipment or the number of employees, the primary daily goal is getting more orders produced, shipped and out the door. Sometimes in the quest to just handle those challenges, getting down to examining how you can increase your throughput doesn’t quite make it to the light of day. 

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  • Turning a Specialty Into Success

    Impressions recently spoke to Scott Thackston, president of Aprons Etc., about niche markets and how apparel 
decorators can use them to gain new customers and grow their businesses. 

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