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Stahls’ Offers Redesigned Online Ordering Wizards

February 16, 2017

Stahls’, Sterling Heights, Mich., has unveiled a new online ordering wizard for a variety of its product lines.

Created with current purchasing trends in mind, the redesigned user interfaces allow for more efficient ordering from various types of devices and provide a better mobile experience, according to the company.

The new approach streamlines workflow by “building” an order as specifics are entered. It features a single-entry point, as opposed to list/view options, to prevent confusion and information loss. Rather than opening tabs, clicking on a button brings up only information and choices required for the order as you navigate the process — thus “educating” customers as they go through the process.

The new wizards also feature fast-loading and quick preview responses. For example, while customers are previewing one option, others remain displayed, and allowing them to toggle between, make changes and quickly view them — without losing information.

The ordering wizard for some products/applications, such as Kiss Cut in Any Word. Any Way. and Pre-Cuts, displays only materials that are compatible with each other to reduce errors. — J.L. 

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