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How To

The Facets of Fleecewear Embroidery

Make the right choices when embroidering fleecewear for first-rate results

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On Target Embroidery

How to use embroidery design targets for embroidery projects

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Thinking Outside of the Hoop

Tips for embroidering between-size garments

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Custom Patch Embroidery

Follow these easy steps for designing 
and creating unique embellishments.

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Mastering Micro Lettering

Strategies for embroidering designs with small letters

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Tips for Embroidering Patches

A step-by-step guide for turning embroidery designs into patches

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Embroidery Tips for Corners and Capping

How and when to adjust corners in a digitized design 

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Pointers for Appliqué

Appliqué may be a fancy-sounding word complete with an accent mark, but the process is nothing more than simply sewing a piece of fabric on top of another and adding a neat border of stitches. 

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Digitizing Realistic Designs, Part 4: People

Strategies for digitizing faces and silhouettes

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Digitizing Realistic Designs, Part 3: Animals

 Tips for digitizing lifelike wildlife 

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