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Design + Digitizing

Making Lifelong Monograms

There’s nothing quite as personal as monograms. 

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Working with the Limitations of Lids

Whether you are a digitizer, shop owner or salesman, it is good to know the basics of embroidering on caps

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Font Secrets

As most embroiderers inevitably discover, some customers expect you to take a symbol they have chosen, add lettering and create a logo. This leads to a certain amount of freedom to choose the ideal font.

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Hat Tricks

Experienced embroiderers know when a design will result in a quality sewout, and their customers will be happy with the results. But embroidering on headwear presents a special set of challenges, which leads many embroiderers to avoid these projects.

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Digitizing the Details

Of all the positive business decisions you make daily, mastering the ability to provide amazing detail, infinitesimal lettering and artistic shading should be among them.

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Embroidery Hits the Silver Screen

When you think of the many apparel options that are available for embellishment, a traditional Japanese kimono probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. 

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Is it Time to Digitize In-House?

Follow these steps to pick the best software for your embroidery business 

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Laser Tag

One of the most untapped technologies in the decorated apparel industry is the embroidery laser.

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Special-Effects Thread Options

As embroiderers, we experiment with all kinds of materials to create special effects. From 3-D embroidery foam to appliqué and Mylar-enhanced creations, we go all out to add glamour and interest to our embroidery. 

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Everything You Should Know About Nodes

A node is a designer’s best friend in many programs. Many embroidery software programs also use nodes to create and define aspects of a shape.

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